Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening is one of our most popular treatments, and with good reason. It is a fast and affordable way of enhancing your smile, making your teeth lighter and brighter, and often making you look years younger too.

Teeth can often become stained over the years by regularly drinking tea, coffee, red wine, or by smoking. They also naturally become darker with age. Our teeth whitening treatments help to remove any stains and noticeably lighten your teeth.

There are a bewildering number of whitening treatments on the market and at the Highfield Dental Practice we have chosen the top systems that we know will give you the best results, are affordable and safe and which also give our patients the opportunity to choose a system to suit their individual lifestyle and needs.

Which teeth whitening system is best for me?

With so many products on the market patients are often confused as to which one is most suitable for them. It couldn’t be simpler, if you are interested in teeth whitening and would like to know which system is best for you simply contact us to request your no obligation tooth whitening consultation with one of our dentists/hygienist.